Portland Business Journal: Renowned Willamette Valley winery uncorks new tasting room

Sep 1, 2015, 10:27am PDT

An Oregon winery renowned for its sparkling wines may now become just as well-known for its new tasting room in Dundee.

Argyle Winery, founded in 1987, has opened its new Tasting House at its original winery location at 691 Highway 99W, right along the main drag in Dundee. The winery partnered with SERA Architects and contractor Lease Crutcher Lewis on the project, which was an extension of Argyle's existing tasting room and former winery.

The new space features a contemporary design and was configured to encourage visitors to taste, linger and learn. There is flexible indoor and outdoor seating, and year-round, hosted tasting service is available for guests, as are guided educational experiences for larger groups.

A climate-controlled wine library in the new facility showcases more than 4,000 bottles from vintages dating back to Argyle’s founding in 1987, while the tirage library displays vintage sparkling wines still aging. In addition, the Argyle Reserve Cellar is a retail space that displays the full line of Argyle’s wines available for purchase.

“We wanted the end result of this project to be the must-do experience for every visitor to Willamette Valley wine country,” said SERA project manager Steven Ehlbeck, in a release. “From the initial design competition, our goal has always been to create a unique and memorable place that meets Argyle’s reputation for innovation and quality.”

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